Simple but useful websites for browser

I was simply searching on google. Accidentally, I found few Simple but useful websites, which is listed below.

What Browser?

This website simply detect, which browser you are using and it version. Also notifies you about the newer version of the browser, if available and a download link will be provided.

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Emotional Intelligence Chronicles: Once upon a TIME…

emotional intelligenceOnce upon a time there was a farmer who was looking for a good farm manager. The 1st applicant came and presented his impressive credentials. Right away the farmer asked what he would do if there happened to be a pebble in his shoe. The 1st applicant said he wouldn’t bother with it and just get on with the job then proceeded to impress the farmer with his extensive knowledge of hydroponics.
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How to reset PrestaShop Admin Password

How to reset prestashop admin password
How to reset prestashop admin password

It is hard to find good tutorials on the popular shopping cart tool Prestashop.

Here is two websites which explains how to reset prestashop admin password.

1. Explains with step by step instructions.

2. Explains how to reset the admin password from command prompt.

jQuery Loading Plugin

jQuery Loading PluginThis is a simple jQuery loading plugin which shows a nice animated Loading Message.

What is in your html?

How will you call this loading animation