listing of node modules

Sometimes, it is useful to see the list of packages that you have installed on your system. You can do that with the following commands:

# list all installed modules with dependencies

# list all installed modules without dependencies

# list all installed globally dependencies


How to create Node js project

npm init is the command to create a node project.

npm init is a tool for creating (or modifying) a project’s package.json file.

When you enter the command npm init on your terminal, it will take you through a series of questions, for which, you can either go with default answers or can give different answers.

This is how it looks like in my terminal, after running npm init command.

Net Neutrality Matters

Have you watched the Aircel and MTS advertisements?

If not, watch it now. Listen carefully. At the end of both the advertisements, it says Free Facebook and Whatsapp or Free Whatsapp and Viber.

I always wondered, why they have to specifically mention Facebook and whatsapp are free, when they are actually free.

Now I know the answer.

Net Neutrality Matters.

If you wonder, what is net neutrality, why it is important read the following articles carefully, and do something.


Unlike many other programming languages, JavaScript enables you to freely pass functions around to be executed at a later time. A callback is a function that is passed as an argument to another function and is executed after its parent function has completed. Callbacks are special because they patiently wait to execute until their parent finishes. Meanwhile, the browser can be executing other functions or doing all sorts of other work.
A definition taken from jquery website

Reference: Michael Vollmer

One should also understand about callback hell

conversion of px to em, % and pt


This simple formula will help you to convert a px value in CSS to corresponding em, % and pt.

consider we have a pixel value of 8. Based on the above formula,

pt = (8 * 3) / 4 = 6pt

em = 8 / 12 = 0.5em

% = 0.5 * 100 = 50%

Dos and Don’ts for Blood Donation

You can donate blood if

  • you are between age group of 18-60 years
  • your weight is 45 kgs or more
  • your hemoglobin is 12.5 gm% minimum
  • Your last blood donation was 3 months earlier
  • you are healthy and have not suffered from malaria, typhoid or other transmissible disease in the recent past
  • you have eaten a low fat healthy diet few hours before donating blood

Do not donate blood if you have any of the following conditions: