Publishing blog posts on social media will help you to promote your blog content or landing page, increase traffic to your website, and reap the SEO benefits of being active on social media.

With Jetpack plugin, one can publish a message to all of your social media channels at once to save time.

Step 1: Logon to admin panel of you wordpress blog and go to Jetpack settings.

Step 2: Go to Sharing tab of Jetpack plugin screen and click on connect you social media account link. This will take you to wordpress website.

Step 3: Login to your wordpress account, if you have one already, or sign up.

Step 4: after successful login, you will be redirected to connections screen, where you can see a list of social media sites, to which you can publish your blog posts. click on the Connect button of the respective social media applications.

Step 5: after connecting to social media sites, your screen will look like the below screen shot.

Step 6: Add a new post. on the right hand side of the editor, you can see the list of social media applications you are connected to. Once you click publish, this post will be published on your blog, as well as to all the social media applications which are selected.

Step 7: You also have the option to select the social media applications to which your post to be published for each post. click on Settings on above screen which will give you an expanded list, from which you can choose from the connected applications.