how to remove the blue highlighting from select element in internet explorer

In Interner Explorer, When we bring the focus to a select element, the element gets highlighted with a blue background, like in this given image. This is the default bahavior of Internet Explorer browser to indicate that, the focus is on select element.


How can we remove this highlighting?

Pure CSS method

select::-ms-value {background: none; color: #42413D;}

 jQuery method

$('option').click(function() {


What is the best way to learn CSS / CSS3?

Answer by Jacob Nelson:

The best way to learn CSS3 is to start with simple CSS. Then move on to CSS2 and then CSS3.
ie; start from the basics. Infact, This is applicable to any language.

Here is the complete list of CSS properties

CSS Properties Index

Here is another list, which lists all the CSS selectors.
Understanding CSS selectors is very important, when we learn CSS.

Here are some nice tutorials which will help you to learn CSS quickly.

CSS Tutorial
CSS Tutorial
CSS3 Tutorial

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