One may follow the steps given below to publish application on Google Play Store.

Assuming, you already have Developer Account on Google.


    1. Logon to Google Play Console
    3. Enter Title of the Application and press “CREATE” Button. You will be taken to “Store Listing” Screen.
    4. On the “Store Listing” screen, enter following details
      1. short description
      2. full description
      3. upload graphic assets for target devices (Phone, Tablet, Android TV, Wear OS)
      4. Add at least two screenshots
      5. High Resolution Icon
      6. Feature Graphic
      7. Promo Graphic (optional)
      8. Promo Video (optional)
      9. Select Application Type
      10. Select Category
      11. Save Draft
    5. Go to “App releases” screen
      1. Under “Production Track”, click “Manage”
      2. Click “Create Release”
      3. Enable “App Signing by Google Play”
      4. .Upload .apk file
      5. Release name will be auto populated
      6. Add release notes
      7. Review
    6. Go to content rating
      1. Enter email address and confirm
      2. Choose application type
      3. Answer questionnaire
      4. Click “Save”Click “
      5. Calculate Rating
      6. ”Click “Apply Rating”
    7. Go to “pricing and distribution”
      1. Choose countries where the application will be available.
      2. Choose other options
      3. Click “Save draft”
    8. After completing all the above steps, “Ready to Publish” button will become visible. You can now publish Application.