How to setup phonegap on linux for Android

It is very easy to setup phonegap on Linux for Android. Just follow the steps given below.

  1. Download the Android SDK ADT bundle for Linux. This bundle includes
    • Eclipse + ADT plugin
    • Android SDK Tools
    • Android Platform-tools
    • The latest Android platform
    • The latest Android system image for the emulator
  2. You need to add the path of your Android SDK platform-tools and tools directory. In my example I will use “/Development/android-sdk-ubuntu” as the directory the SDK is installed in.
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Alternative to death?

Alternative to death?
I got this answer from a program developed by one of my friend. This program is smart enough to search on other service providers to get answer for your questions. Look at the last answer.

Apigee’s first API Hackathon at Bangalore – About Application

Loaded all the commodities and Map of India
Selected a commodity and the pins are populated to respective states where that particular commodity is available.
Once the user clicks on the pin over a state, a tooltip with minimal data will be displayed to the user. The user can either close the tooltip or can click on the “Details” button
Once the user click on the “Details” button, an overlay with full details and a graph will be appeared.